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Aosóg Referrals

Aosóg Criteria for referring children to Aosóg.

The following criteria will apply for all referrals;

  • that the child is living and attending school in the North West Inner City
  • that the child may be experiencing difficulties at home
  • that the child is presenting disruptive behaviour at home/ in school
  • that the child / family could benefit from additional support regarding primary care etc.
  • that the child has been identified as vulnerable or at risk
  • that the child has a poor school attendance record
  • that the child is regularly suspended from school
  • that the child is making little academic progress
  • that the child by his/her non-participation and passiveness is presenting cause for concern
  • that the child needs additional support with homework and play activity
  • that the referral is made in co-operation with the school which the child is attending
  • that the referral has been discussed with the child’s parent/ guardian and their permission given for referral and are aware of reason for referral.

Referrals taken from schools, social workers, PHNs, Youth services, school completion and parents/ guardians can also self refer.

Please contact the Project Leader to discuss referrals if you are unsure of the referral process or criteria for referral. Referral to the Project does not guarantee a place due to the demand for places and the limited number of places available

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