Criteria For Referring Children To Aosóg

The following criteria will apply for all referrals to Aosόg:

  • The child is living and attending school in the North West Inner of Dublin
  • The child is aged 7-12 years
  • The child is vulnerable or at risk
  • The child is experiencing Family problems
  • The child and family could benefit from additional support
  • The child is presenting with a cause for concern within the school and/or family
  • The referral form must be discussed, filled out and signed by the parent/guardian and referrer, so the reason for referral is agreed by both
  • The Referrer will continue to support the child and family during their placement in Aosόg
  • All children offered a place will be reviewed after 3 months.

Making a referral does not guarantee a place on the Project due to the demand for places.

Aosόg is a Child and Family Project, not a club. Places are limited for targeted children/needs.

Referral queries to Project Leader email or for general enquiries about the Project to 

Criteria updated April 2021.

Referral Form

To download the referral form click here

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